Transform floors, walls and lives – Rhino UK Talk Inclusive Play

Sensory Activities are becoming a hot trend, and we couldn’t be more excited that people are coming around to an inclusive style of play. 
Why? Well, because Sensory Activities are brilliant at engaging children’s minds, muscles and social sides, opening them up to new experiences; all whilst aiding their emotional, mental and physical development. You’ll find an abundance of listicles online providing fun filled sensory activity inspiration that you could try for yourself.  Although, are they fun for everybody?
Sandpits can be a bit messy. You might not have a nice garden or large playground for children to run around and explore. And finding space for a sensory room might sound like an impossible quest. 

Sensory activities should be both practical and inclusive, so that every child can properly explore their senses. This is something that we champion at Rhino UK, and it’s why we’re proud suppliers of Om Interactive technology, who areRhino UK sensory board pioneers of inclusive play.
The extraordinary OmiVista system turns any wall or floor into a fully interactive sensory playground. The sophisticated projector technology decorates the intended surface in dazzling HD colour, as dull floors transform into oceans filled with fish, giant sandpits, or even galaxies scatted with stars. 

Every projected surface is fully interactive, allowing users to discover for themselves the new worlds at their feet. Whilst each unit comes with 300 preloaded games that are specifically designed to engage your mind and senses, providing a fun space for learning. 
Installing this device is easy, as the whole process is completed by Rhino UK’s friendly team. Once installed the system is simply activated by the click of a button, so there are no set up times getting in the way of play!
If you’d prefer a more flexible type of play, the OmiVista Mobii allows you to cart around your sensory playground, as its adjustable height settings allow you to project onto tables and desks. Offering children the chance to explore their senses in a safe and familiar environment.
These devices are suitable for all sorts of educational settings; schools, pre-schools, nurseries and day care. Ensuring its inclusive use for children’s educational development.

The team at Rhino UK would be happy to talk you through our Omi collection, and can answer any questions that you may have – so be sure to get in touch with us on 01270 766660.