Clip 'n Climb Leeds fun for all!

A year in the making, Clip ’n Climb Leeds opens on 26th May 2018 and boasts 32 individual climbs making it the biggest in the North. Treats for the vertically adventurous include the hair raising 9 metre Vertical Drop Slide, Stairway to Heaven and Astro-Ball amongst many others. Clip ‘n Climb Leeds also offers assisted climbs for those with disabilities.

The third largest in the UK, Clip ‘n Climb Leeds caters for people of all abilities from four years up.  As well as the awesome collection of climbs, visitors can enjoy a meal or light refreshments at Woodpeckers, the fully licensed bistro which boasts 50 covers plus a private Party Room of 20 covers. Serving its own homemade pizza, pasta and a range of delicious cakes and cookies all served with a variety of cold and hot drinks, including Barista coffee. 

Clip ‘n Climb is a concept brought from New Zealand to the UK in 2012.  Director of Clip ‘n Climb Leeds, David Robinson, said, "We are thrilled to be opening the North's largest Clip ‘n Climb.  All people aged four years and upwards are eligible.  It's always a hit with adults and children alike and a great venue for parties as well – it never fails to tire them out! We have professional climbers and people who have never climbed in their life before, the attraction is huge."

We caught up with Sarah Robinson, the operations manager and Clip ‘n Climb Leeds, to find out about the benefits of climbing for people with disabilities...


What kinds of walls are there and are there some which are suitable for all abilities?

Clip ‘n Climb Leeds caters for all ages and abilities. The venue does have some extreme challenges too including a 9 metre Vertical Drop Slide, a Stairway to Heaven and Astro-Ball amongst many others. 

It’s a fun way for the family to interact with each other. No climbing experience is necessary and full training is given as part of a fun-packed session. All specialist equipment is provided free of charge.

Indoor climbing has never been easier or safer to participate in. 

All the climbs have Auto-Belays and are fitted with Belay-Mate making clipping on easier and safer than ever.


Do you offer sessions for children with special needs?

Yes. These sessions can offer a quieter time if required and will run weekly to suit the demand of our customers. There will be limited spaces available to enable our fully trained staff to be on hand to assist where necessary.

Our safety briefing will be tailored to the needs of the climber and if required there will be no flashing lights or music. The sessions will run for up to two hours to facilitate a calm and relaxed approach to the climbing experience and are suitable for any age with a minimum weight limit of 12kg.

Pre-visits are recommended for the organiser(s) to come and view the facilities and discuss any requirements you may have.


Climb LeedsWhat physical benefits does climbing have for children with SEND?

Physically it helps build muscle tone, muscle memory, encourages children to reach their active full range of movement, develops hand-eye coordination.  It also helps with breathing and chest conditions. We have also had previous experience of children who are full-time wheelchair users climb the walls. 


How can climbing build confidence and strength in children with SEND?

The beauty of the climbing Clip ‘n Climb walls is how easily they can be graded for children to grow and develop their own confidence at their own pace, and all done in a fun environment. 

We have had previous experience with children who sometimes just watch the first time but very soon are itching to have a go. Even if they just have the harness fit or just do one hand hold and foot hold! For them it's an achievement and there to be built on.


What facilities do you offer in the centre for disabled people?

We have two managers who between them have five years of SEND experience working with children, in addition to fully trained staff. We have the latest specifically-approved SEND-friendly Assist Hoist System which is used in conjunction with The Adventure harness: a full body harness that has been specifically designed to cater for a wide age and size range. We are also looking to install a hydraulic variable height single section couch/changing table into our disabled toilet facilities.


Clip 'n Climb Leeds opening times:

∞ Term Time: Mon-Fri 12- 10pm (Last Climb 9pm)

∞ School Holidays: Mon-Fri 10am- 10pm (Last Climb 9pm)

∞ Weekends: Sat 10am – 9pm (Last Climb 9pm). Sun 10am – 7pm (Last Climb 6pm)

Opening times may vary due to demand



Clip 'n Climb Leeds, Tristram Centre, Brown Lane West, Leeds, LS12 6BF

0113 245 8723


Web Site:

Twitter: @CNCLeedsYorks

April 17, 2018

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