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Education for Everybody spoke to Playinnovation about how their PE and playground equipment is inclusive for children of all abilities.

Innovation at its best 

Children of all ages thrive when their senses are heighted and stimulated but this is especially true when it comes to children with special needs and disabilities. Providing these children with the means to engage, explore, discover, react and have fun outside the classroom setting is priceless and should be an essential part of the daily learning programme. 

Playinnovation works with schools to deliver a bespoke solution that meets the needs of each pupil. The Playinnovation games are designed in such a way that a class of six or a class of 30 can all participate. The games are designed to encourage high energy participation but that the same time they encourage and promote team and skill building, which leave the students and the teachers wanting more! 

Street Snooker™ is the ultimate in inclusivity. It takes its inspiration from the traditional cue sport snooker but there’s certainly no cues or snooker balls in this outdoor target game. A Playinnovation outdoor area

The game has been purposely designed to deliver many development benefits and outcomes for children of all ages and abilities. You can use this game in many different ways. 

Marco Boi, founder and CEO of Playinnovation said: “The results and feedback from teachers and children of the schools we work with is always amazing and it’s great to see the impact that our multi-use games areas has on the children who use them. As a company, our vision is about innovating and expanding this sector of the market in a bid to excite the children and families who use our courts and areas.”  

Case study – Playinnovation and Garston Manor School 

Garston Manor School is a specialist school for children with autism, learning difficulties and speech and language issues, serving students aged 11-16. 

Based in Watford, Professional footballer Troy Deeney and his wife Stacey chose Garston Manor school as the first project to launch The Troy Deeney Foundation.

Playinnovation worked closely with Garston Manor School and The Troy Deeney Foundation to design and install a safer and fully inclusive multi sports area at Garston Manor School. 

The improvements included innovative educational games walls Street Snooker™ and Crossbar King, which are exclusively developed and patented by Playinnovation. The project also includes the addition of a soft synthetic surface and brand new Multi Goals for football and basketball.


The children at Garston Manor have a state of the art, fully inclusive safe multi sports area, which not only is great for their physical development but also educational too. 

Troy Deeney said about the new multi-use sports area: “We believe that every child has the right to feel that they can lead a normal life and be given the same opportunities, despite their circumstances.” 

For more information about the games available within the Playinnovation portfolio click here.

November 20, 2018

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