Education for all: Mental health charity helps service users gain professional qualifications

Education for all: Mental health charity helps service users gain professional qualifications

A Northumberland-based charity has helped over 60 people living with severe mental health issues and or learning disabilities to achieve professional-level qualifications as part of an innovative in-house training scheme.

Delivered by qualified trainers, service users from Blyth Star Enterprises have had the opportunity to participate in two different vocational courses as an extension of the charity’s day services at its Woodfuel Centre and Stakeford Nurseries.

Taught in modules with a range of additional units to choose from, the courses replicate that of traditional NVQ qualifications and enable service users to expand their knowledge at the same time as develop their social and interpersonal skills.

DfE Appoints In Diverse Company To Promote Leadership Coaching

DfE Appoints In Diverse Company To Promote Leadership Coaching
Department for Education Appoints In Diverse Company to Promote Leadership Coaching Pledge on National Scale

The Department for Education (DfE) has appointed In Diverse Company as partner to roll out its Women Leading in Education (WLE) Leadership Coaching Pledge over eight regions across the UK.

The Leadership Coaching Pledge was launched by the DfE in 2016, with the aim of assisting women teachers looking to enter, or progress within, senior leadership.  This re-launch of the programme aims to increase awareness of the scheme, re-address the under representation of women at senior levels in primary and secondary schools, and attract women teachers who are returning to teaching or seeking flexible working opportunities.

Mathematician Launches App to Help Children Tackle Times Tables

Dice to help children with times tables
World-Renowned Mathematician Launches App to Help Children Tackle Times Tables Using ‘Topology of Knowledge' Method

Oxford-based education technology start-up Edplus has launched a mobile app today which allows children to learn their times tables for free in a new way, challenging and complementing traditional teaching methods. Developed by Francis Brown, a Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford, the technology uses an algorithm that creates a learning pathway unique to each child, adapting and improving as they play.

The Invisible Condition Making Your Child Moody, Sleepless and Miss School 

Little boy suffering with invisible condition hayfever making him miss school

Missed days at school, sleepless nights for both child and parents, revision time interrupted, exams ruined and mood changes due to the debilitating symptoms and lack of sleep. This is the reality for around a third of children in the UK every spring and summer. And the cause? It may surprise many people… tiny microscopic particles of pollen! Airborne allergens expert, Max Wiseberg provides some useful tips for students…

Support your school - National launch

Group of children reading for Support Your School

A brand-new initiative aimed at increasing children’s access to vital school resources has been launched. 

Support your school is a fundraising platform for schools managed by Peters, the UK’s leading specialist children's book and furniture supplier to schools and academies.

Support your school uses five easy to follow steps to help schools to raise funds to support children’s literacy.  The funds raised by the school can be used to create a magical new library, supply a selection of titles to support a topic or the latest collection of fiction.

100% of the funds raised are available to the school to buy resources to aid literacy and help children develop a passion for reading for pleasure.

Claire Bowles, Head of Sales and Marketing said:

How can technology enhance teaching in rural schools?

Using technology to teach in a rural school

With rural schools facing pressure from low pupil rolls, budget cuts and declining birth rates many small schools are struggling to maintain high standards. Kendra Bolton, headteacher at Stewartstown Primary, recognised internationally for its excellence in mathematics, explains how technology has helped her school meet these challenges and embrace its rural environment...

Plymouth Children Sea Changes Thanks To National Lottery

Plymouth Children On The Beach Thanks To The National Lottery

A TRAILBLAZING mental health project to help excluded youngsters get back into full time main-stream education spearheaded by Britain's Ocean City social enterprise Beach Schools South West is being backed by the National Lottery.

Beach Schools South West's revolutionary Sea-ing Changes project was launched in Plymouth last year and helped nine children and their families overcome challenges that led to the pupils being excluded or on the verge of exclusion from school.

Every young person who took part in the project returned to full-time, main-stream, education.

QA employees help children to read 

A boy led on the floor learning how to read
QA to engage employees in regular volunteering as part of new charity partnership with Coram Beanstalk 

QA – the UK's leading IT training provider – has announced that as part of its new charity partnership with national reading charity, Coram Beanstalk, it will be giving staff the opportunity to volunteer regularly during work hours to support children with reading at local primary schools across the country. 

As part of the newly-launched partnership, QA would like to see around 10% of its workforce volunteering with Coram Beanstalk on a regular basis. QA will also aim to raise at least £50,000 during the course of the next 12 months to help the charity continue to expand its vital work.  

Leeds City Council provides better travel experience for SEN children

Leeds City Council provides better travel experience for SEN children

Leeds City Council provides better travel experience for SEN children (and takes the sting out of rising entitlement and falling budgets) by using QRoutes

A recent review by Leeds City Council found that by using QRoutes to plan SEN home-to-school transport, the number of children who were in-vehicle for more than 75 minutes fell from 19% (July 2017) to 16% (September 2018). QRoutes also helped the team reduce the daily number of vehicles being used to deliver services from an average of 200 per day to 175 per day, helping the authority keep costs down.