200 Guide Dogs & White Canes Galore

Daniel featured on BBC Saints and Scroungers talking about his experience of dealing with his eye condition (Retinitis Pigmentosa) from a young age. He talks about the bullying he faced at school and how bullies used his visual impairment to take advantage. His mum describes the difficulty of watching her son tackle the highs and lows before diagnosis and her worries and concerns after diagnosis.

Daniel really wanted to join the Police Force, and, as all young people boys he wanted to drive a car, and the realisation of not being able to do this was too much to comprehend. He wanted to be ‘normal’ just like his peer group, but realised quickly that life would never be ‘normal’.  Daniels dreams and aspirations as a young man would not become his reality and had to deal with severe depression, taking steps to end his life and all the other emotional issues that

daniel williamsDaniel Williams

ensued.  At the age of eighteen Daniel enrolled with The Royal National College for the Blind, full of nerves and trepidation, didn’t really know what he was about to face as he had never come across a white cane let alone 200 of them and guide dogs galore.  This was a massive turning point in Daniel’s life, meeting people who inspired him, this, it gave him the confidence to realise his potential. He studied Health and Social Care, Sociology and Business and went on to attend the University of Wales where he achieved a Foundation Degree in Rehabilitation studies for people with a Visual Impairment, he was a young man on a mission to prove that ‘sight loss did not mean job loss’ 

After working in several fields, Daniel  became acutely aware of the lack of knowledge surrounding Visual Impairment, and this gave him the determination to make a change.  Over two years ago Daniel set up his own business, effectively offering training and consultancy services, empowering organisations and individuals to become disability confident.

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or visit www.visualisetrainingandconsultancy.co.uk 



December 2, 2016

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