Adoption UK launches an updated guide to the Adoption Support Fund

Adoption UK is proud to announce that their updated online Adoption Support Fund (ASF) guide has now been published, to mark National Adoption Week 2017.

The Adoption Support Fund - how it's working for families, provides anyone new to adoption with everything they need to know about the ASF. It provides background to the ASF, who is eligible, the level of funding available, and the fund’s vision for the future.

The guide walks the reader through the application process with a step-by-step diagram on how to access the fund. It also includes the latest statistics around the ASF, including the fact that more than £50 million has been spent supporting 17,000 families since the fund was launched in May 2015.

Positive experiences from families who benefited from successfully accessing the fund also feature within the guide. One parent explains: “We were extremely fortunate to access the right kind of support early in our placement – it kept us going when things were very tough.”

Adoption UK was one of the key drivers in the ASF being set up in England following a high-profile campaign for better post-adoption support. The fund was originally piloted in early 2015 before being rolled out across England in May, later in the year. The fund’s budget has increased year-on-year, totalling more than £28 million in 2017/18.

Adoption UK’s chief executive Dr Sue Armstrong Brown said: “Adoption UK is acutely aware that looked-after children’s needs do not disappear with a successful adoption placement and it is for that reason that the ASF has become such a crucial service for adoptive families.ask support fund cover web

“The fund addresses a vital need, but much more needs to be done if we are to successfully work toward a future where families parenting some of the country’s most vulnerable children, receive timely and appropriate support on a lifelong basis. There is still a huge gap in the provision of adoption support that the ASF needs to bridge.”

Dr Armstrong Brown added: “We’re aware that a significant number of adoptive parents in England are unclear on what the ASF is, or how to access it, so I’d encourage all of these parents - as well as new adopters and prospective adopters - to download our new guide.”

The guide goes on to explain what the Fair Access Limit (FAL) is, as well as the additional Specialist Assessments FAL and the match-funding approach.

The updated guide, commissioned on behalf of the Department for Education, is available to download by clicking here.

Adoption UK’s purpose is to give voice to adoptive families and to ensure that the right support is there for them. Anyone experiencing difficulties is urged to become a member of Adoption UK and contact our helpline. Our helpline advisers offer practical suggestions, information and encouragement, or can point you in the right direction for specialist help. Wherever you are in the process, whatever difficulties you are having, make our helpline your first port of call.

* Names have been changed. 


October 23, 2017

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