Artists with autism come together to showcase their creative talents

Young and gifted artists with autism from across the country will be showcasing their work at the Red Gallery in London from 17th February.Artistic Spectrum will display pieces of art from over 20 artists with autism and the exhibition runs until 26th February. Any work sold at the exhibition, 15% of any profits will go to Ambitious about Autism, the national charity for children and young people with autism.

Artists including; Iris Grace, Haydn Garder, David Bassadone, Ann Phillippas, Louis Morel and Jake Chodosh to name but a few have been brought together in Artistic Spectrum to celebrate the creative talents of artists with autism. Iris Grace, who aged just 7 years old has won plaudits for her extraordinary paintings and has sold pieces around the world to clients including Angelina Jolie. David Bassadone is renowned for his drawings of landscapes and buildings from 1950s magazines. Hewas the subject of a BBC documentary about his ability to draw from memory in intricate detail.artistic spectrum

As well as showcasing established artists, a number of the charity’s youth patrons and volunteers, all with autism, will also be displaying their work, some for the very first time.

Artistic Spectrum was the idea of Eleanor Crawshaw 28 from Streatham who works as a learning support co-ordinator at Ambitious College; London’s only registered specialist college dedicated to supporting young people with complex autism. 

Event organiser, Eleanor Crawshaw, said;

“I have been working with people with autism for nearly 10 years now and want to show just how much talent, creativity and imagination artists with autism have. I brought these artists together for this exhibition as I believe Artistic Spectrum offers a rare glimpse into the unique way a person with autism sees the world which I think is really fascinating and exciting.”

“Due to the difficulties with communication and socialising, artists with autism have a rare visual take on how they see the world and I think this exhibition is a celebration of their unique talent and creativity.”

There will be  a number pictures being exhibited at the Red Gallery and prices range from £20 for prints to £750 for originals.

January 25, 2017

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