Free DfE-commissioned autism progress tracking tool for teachers

The Autism Education Trust (AET) has announced the release of its updated AET Autism Progression Framework. Commissioned by the Department for Education, the new free-to-download resource builds on the success of the previous version, used widely by education practitioners across England, with many new features designed to make it more user-friendly and enable more practitioners to benefit from it.
The AET Autism Progression Framework 2.0 helps teachers and education professionals to identify learning priorities and measure progress in areas that fall outside the national curriculum. These areas relate closely to autism ‘differences’ - identified within other AET resources -  and the impact of these on autistic children’s social, emotional, independence and learning needs.
Just like the original version in 2016, the new updated resource has been created for the AET by Autism Associates. It is based on research and consultation with a wide range of practitioners, academics, parents and people on the autism spectrum. The framework can now be used in all types of mainstream and specialist settings including early years, schools and post 16, and is the most comprehensive free assessment tool for children and young people on the autism spectrum.
The user-friendly resource is compatible with most online progress tracking tools, and the AET offers a dedicated training module for additional support and to help get maximum benefit from the resource.
Features of the new AET Autism Progression Framework include:
Document setting out contents, accompanying notes and examples, a detailed introduction to using it and links to related resources.
Revised AET Autism Progression Framework spreadsheet to identify and collate learning goals and record progress over a school year.
Revised AET training module to support use of the new materials.
Materials to support access to the Framework
Mapping documents providing links to the Early Year Foundation Stage (EYFS), Preparing for Adulthood, AET Standards.
Online progress tracking, compatibility with many online progress tracking tools. ShowProgress has developed a bespoke AET Autism Progression Framework 2.0 platform enabling a range of new features such as: tablet compatibility, facility to add evidence, extended progress tracking, printable reports and Cloud storage (subscription required). The new online tool will launch in November 2019, please visit AET Autism Progression Framework powered by ShowProgress to find out more.
Suzanne Farrell, Autism Associates, Progression Framework Project Lead said:Little boy with autism - progress tracking with a tool for teachers
“We have been delighted to hear about the range of ways that the AET Progression Framework has helped practitioners to identify individual needs and celebrate achievements of autistic children and young people.
“Staff in mainstream schools and specialist provision across all ages have been using the Progression Framework to support the writing of outcomes for personal learning plans and Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) and have used it to identify and track small steps of progress.
“Based on feedback from users the Progression Framework, content has been revised and materials updated to provide a choice of formats and include new resources designed to improve access to the Framework. We hope that users of the new resource will find it useful and valuable.”
Fiona Moody, Assistant Principal Fosse Way School, said after testing the AET Autism Progression Framework:
“We have been using the progression tracker now for two years and have found it to be by far the best way to track skills that could not previously be tracked. We are now able to show the progress our young people have made in all the important areas such as social skills and independent living skills.
“We have now tested the Progression Framework within Show Progress, an online tracker, and this has transformed the way in which we track progress across the school and our residential facility. Staff have found it easy to use, parents find the reports easy to understand and leaders find it easy to pull assessment data. I can honestly say we wouldn't be without it.”
To access the AET Autism Progression Framework and to find out about AET’s award-winning training courses and free resources visit
You can meet the AET team at the South West SEND Conference in Sparkford, Somerset (7 November 2019), at the Scottish Autism Conference in Glasgow (14 November 2019), in Bournemouth at the NCAS conference (20-22 November 2019) and at the AOC SEND Conference in London (10 December 2019).


October 28, 2019

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