Earwig co-founder launches anti-bullying message


To raise awareness for national bullying week from 14-18th November education software provider Earwig Academic has launched the #Iwasbullied campaign.
The campaign, developed by co-founder Emilie-Kate Kidd aims to draw attention to how hard it is for children being bullied to tell an adult about it, and comes with a clear message about what they can do instead.
Earwig want to encourage their teachers and others to tell pupils about the Earwig #Iwasbullied message ...


All victims of bullying need to do is put their name and the words "I am being bullied" on a piece of paper and then give that piece of paper to a teacher they trust. 
They can fold it up and put it in the teachers hand, they can put it in their pigeonhole - as long as they make sure it gets to that teacher.

This saves the pupil having to say those awful words out loud, and prevents any misinterpretation from the teacher. When a child writes the words "I am being bullied" and gives it to a teacher, action must be taken.

Earwig's Co-Founder Emilie-Kate Kidd says … 
“I feel very strongly about bullying in schools. I was bullied at school myself, and I have seen in many people the long lasting effects bullying can have.

We have launched the #Iwasbullied campaign to give victims a new way out. Often the self-esteem of bullied children has been so eroded by the bullying that they don't feel they should tell anyone. They think; “I won't be believed”, “It's all in my mind”, “I'll be in even more danger if I tell”, “No one will care anyway”, “I deserve to feel like this”.
Schools and teachers are increasingly vigilant about bullying but sometimes it's hard to spot, even harder to drag out the truth and to do something about it, without making the situation worse for the victim.
We have developed a clear message for schools to pass on to their pupils and we are highlighting the message with a daily twitter photo of celebrities who were bullied, to let victims know that often it's the people who become most successful in later life who stand out in school as a target for bullies. We hope we can get the message to a wide audience and go a little way to stopping bullying in schools”.

Read more about Earwig's anti-bullying campaign <http://r.mail.earwigacademic.com/2tayoih5pv2rrd.html

November 15, 2016

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