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We know that elderly people and young children are a great mix. We're hearing of successful school visits to residential care homes on a daily basis - and this of course is great news for everyone. At Happy Days, we are passionate about helping to bring the residential care community together; residents, carers, families, volunteers - and by joining residential homes with schools, a community spirit is being developed and strengthened more than ever.

School and Care Home meet-ups are a wonderful way for our elders to meaningfully share their knowledge and life experiences. An opportunity to maintain skills and for some to just re-experience a sense of being useful. Other people may gain a feeling of great pride. Whilst the young people are learning the history of everyday living, they’re simultaneously gaining wider communication skills. For everyone involved, [as we’ve seen on our TV screens] a sense of sheer enjoyment can’t be denied. It’s a win-win for everyone.

So that’s why we’ve created aHappy Days Engage & Reminisce Packs, ideal for schools and care homes to use on such visits. Packed with pre-visit teacher tips, dementia information, life story chat cards, reminiscence materials, nostalgic games, colouring templates, memorabilia and more - there’s everything to help teachers prepare for an amazing pupil-resident reminiscence Engagement & Reminiscence Packs© - Happy Days Dementia Workshopsession.

Adding a themed reminiscence box to the pack can provide hours of entertainment for residents and young people. Engaging with nostalgic and tactile materials like mushroom darners, wooden yo-yos, Rubik cubes or a Kodak Brownie camera can prompt fond memories and stories to share.

Share the Stories - See the Smiles

For more ideas contact gillian@dementiaworkshop.co.uk

Happy Days Engagement & Reminiscence Boxes© can be edited to suit your pupil age group, specific themes and budgets. 

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July 16, 2019

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