A festival of short films made by learning disabled people

An award-winning international festival of short films and digital media made by learning disabled people is coming to ARC on Monday 21 November, and features work from groups based at ARC.

OSKA Bright will be taking place in the building in conjunction with the Cultural Shift project.

There will be two programmes running, the first at 1pm and the second programme will run at 7pm. The first programme includes a short introduction to the festival, which will be followed by a selection of three minute films and music videos, as well as some short films made by groups based at ARC.

The 7pm programme will feature another introduction to the festival and another chance to see some of the films that were screened during the day such as Nasty Neighbour, and Paw Prints from Jenny Ngo.

Other films include Best Animation winner Whinstor Norville by Eric Bent and Best Newcomer winner Lissea Jordan’s mixed-media film, A Skeleton’s Best Friend.

There is also an Introduction to Animation workshop which is free to all attendees of the 1pm OSKA Bright Film Festival screening. The workshop will lead you through the fundamentals of making an animated feature working on a series of still images which will then be used to create a short animation. 

Everyone is welcome. Tickets to the 1pm programme cost £3.50, and tickets to the 7pm programme cost £6.50 and £5.50 for concessions or £4 for students.

Book tickets by calling 01642 525199 or via http://arconline.co.uk/whats-on/workshops-and-classes/introduction-to-animation

November 16, 2016

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