The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden in Ockley - Beyond the walls of a gallery - an art trip unlike any other

The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden in Ockley, Surrey has proudly exhibited an ever changing collection of contemporary sculpture within 10 acres of landscaped gardens for 35 years, and has played host to hundreds of schools with a range of abilities.

Imagine a living, breathing art gallery, where nature and art work in harmony to create a truly magical and unique experience. Magnificent sculptures are placed amongst mature trees and architectural plants, whilst gently moving water provides a sense of calm and an accompanying backdrop to the hundreds of wild birds, insets and mammals that call this outdoor gallery home.

In a unique environment, students are given the opportunity to explore their creativity and that of the exhibiting artists on may levels. Seeing and being able to touch the sculptures gives students and pupils a rare experience and an appreciation of different textures, shapes, forms and media - all within a living, breathing environment.

The Sculpture Garden welcomes school visits from the first week in April to the last week in October. There are around 200 sculptures to see in the Garden, in a huge variety of styles and materials - all carefully placed in harmony with their surroundings.

The Sculpture Garden provides a safe place to study and is relevant to various subjects across the curriculum, not just Fine Art. Other relevant subjects include Art & Design, Design and Technology, History of Art, Photography, Landscape Design, Leisure & Tourism, and Environmental Studies. 

Ofsted believes that learning outside the classroom is an essential element of a broad and balanced curriculum, and recommends that schools bring learning to life through compelling learning experiences.

Hannah Peschar Sculpture GardenThe exotic large-leafed plants in the Garden have sculptural and architectural qualities, and are an equal source of creative inspiration. A magical atmosphere surrounds the Garden that, in our experience, appeals to children and adults alike.

A unique school trip that will inspire and capture imaginations, and be remembered for years to come.

Bookings for groups no larger than 30 pupils with a suitable number of adults should be made in advance and visits take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10.30am till 5pm. There may be other groups and members of the public visiting, but we will do our best to ensure large groups have the Garden to themselves, or groups are staggered throughout the day. Smaller groups (under 15) are also welcome to visit on Thursdays and Fridays, when the general public will be in the Sculpture Garden. Standard admission prices will apply on Thursdays and Fridays.

The costs are:   £ 7.20 per schoolchild (under 16)

                         £ 8.40 per student

                          £ 9.60 per teacher / tutor or accompanying adult

A recce visit is highly recommended to discuss any special needs or considerations that need to be taken into account. The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden is not fully wheelchair accessible. The ground is uneven in places, and can be slippery when wet. We advise that at least one adult accompanies 8-10 pupils, with a higher ratio for those with special needs. Unlike a normal gallery the art is accessible for visually impaired students, whom are welcomed to touch and explore the surfaces and forms of the sculptures on display. Accompanying adults are advised to walk their students through the Garden for both the school’s & Sculpture Garden’s peace of mind. Care must be taken as any damages must be paid for by the visiting school.

The Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden in Ockley: Suggested structure for the day

Arrival 10.30am, to be greeted and introduced to the Sculpture Garden by one of the curators with a short talk.

Morning exploring the Sculpture Garden in groups, supervised by teachers/adults. 

A packed lunch can be taken in the covered seating area, or on the picnic lawn.

Afternoon of drawing selected sculptures (or plants)

Departure 3.30pm

Please email or telephone 01306 627269 to discuss any queries, or to book your visit. 

Further information about the Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden can be found at

February 5, 2018

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