Celebrating our schools with #ilovemyschool campaign

Hands up who knows an inspirational teacher? We’re finding that the answer is almost always ‘yes’ and we’re determined to remind teachers and prospective new hopefuls, as well as the wider public across Aberdeeenshire just how much of an important job they do. 

Aberdeenshire Council is inviting people across the area to recognise some of the good work going on in our schools by sharing their positive experiences (and photos if everyone pictured has given consent!) using the #ilovemyschool hashtag throughout the last week of term. Tag us @Aberdeenshire on Twitter or @AberdeenshireCouncil on Facebook and some of the best examples will be shared. 

Parents, teachers, staff, the wider community – everyone can take part. Tell us a story about a teacher who has gone above and beyond this year or show off a whole team who is second to none, or tell us about an event or initiative that just worked wonders. You can also share our link to more information about teaching in Aberdeenshire as ultimately we hope this campaign may inspire others to consider a career in teaching: http://bit.ly/teachaberdeenshire

Our Director of Children’s Services, Laurence Findlay is keen to recognise the difference each and every good teacher can make. He said: “At the end of another challenging year I can’t thank all of our teachers and support staff across Aberdeenshire enough.  

“Most of us can recall at least one teacher or important person in our lives who inspired us, one whom we felt really believed in us or one who gave us that nudge we needed at the time we needed it. Teachers and the School students celebrating #ilovemyschool campaignschools that support them really do change lives. All too often we’re caught up in what we don’t get right but there’s so much that we do – this is about sharing that and marking the importance of such a worthwhile profession.”

Councillor Gillian Owen and Cllr Mark Findlater are Chair and Vice Chair of our Education and Children’s Services Committee. The committee steers policy relating to all aspects of Education and Children’s Services, from agreeing the budget to giving the ‘ok’ for new ways of working and challenging officers’ plans when they feel that’s necessary.  

Ultimately, their job is as much about ‘Getting It Right For Every Child in Aberdeenshire’ (GIRFEC) as a teacher or social worker, and they are really pleased to recognise the wealth of good work going on in schools across Aberdeenshire as part of the #ilovemyschool campaign.  

Councillor Owen lives in Ellon and enjoys dropping in to visit local schools and see how they are getting on. She said: “It’s always an absolute pleasure to visit my local schools – it's one thing reading about the theory through committee papers and another to see for myself just how much is being achieved within each and every school setting. I’m absolutely an advocate for this #ilovemyschool campaign and I hope that every teacher, whether they voice it or not this week, takes the time to reflect on what they’ve achieved just being there for these young people.” 

Councillor Findlater added: “It’s absolutely right that schools give themselves a pat on the back this week. If you look across the whole landscape, from supporting parental engagement and family learning to working through challenges with recruitment and managing inspections as well as delivering on attainment, these guys are our modern day super heroes. We appreciate all that you do – well done on everything you’ve achieved this year.” 



July 1, 2019

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