Langdon Park School supports parents with mental health and wellbeing workshops

Since the start of the year, Langdon Park School in Poplar, London, has hosted a number of parent workshops centred on stress management, mental health and wellbeing. The workshops, some of which were run by Compass Wellbeing, guide parents through the skills needed in order to help them manage a number of challenges including stress, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem and confidence.


Mental health has featured heavily in recent news stories as an important topic of debate and with events such as Mental Health Awareness Week running from 8-14 May, the school recognises the significance of supporting parents and students with life beyond the classroom. As such, it regularly runs workshops throughout the school year on topics such as wellbeing in addition to other issues such as hate crime and how to keep children safe online.


The Compass Wellbeing event was attended by both parents and members of the community in and around Poplar and explored the symptoms of anxiety and depression, how to identify them and the different support services available out there.


Nicky Mutale, Parent Support Practitioner, said: “It is our duty as a school to ensure that both our students and their parents are given the necessary support throughout their time at Langdon Park. Supporting topics such as mental health and emotional wellbeing, our workshops aim to increase awareness and reach as many people in the borough of Tower Hamlets as possible.


“As a result of the wellbeing workshops, a significant number of parents made self-referrals to receive counselling support which highlights just how important and relevant they are”. 


Richard Fitzgerald, headteacher at the school, added: “At Langdon Park we seek to serve our community and the children and the families that form it. These workshops not only act as a way of raising awareness of important issues that do affect people in every community, including ours, they also hopefully provide the right guidance and advice to support people who need that help.”


For more information on the workshops that Langdon Park runs, please contact Nicky Mutale on 07985439591 or email


May 9, 2017

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