Learn new sensory skills with PC building

The Benefits of a Rich Sensory Environment that PC Building Provides

Sensory experiences are crucial for the development of a child’s brain. As soon as they are born, they are exposed to an endless amount of stimulation that the brain soaks up as a sponge. The process of learning, or soaking up new information, happens via the sensory neurons in the brain, which essentially serve as branches to make new connections in the brain.

When it comes to technology, and computers in particular, it is no surprise that children as young as three or four years old are able to play video games on a tablet, laptop, or smartphone, as technology has become such an integral part of life. Furthermore, according to BBC Bitesize, computers are an ideal environment that promote communication, sociability, creativity, as well as playfulness, and last but not least can also serve as a tremendous learning platform for young minds. Adchild-on-computer_0.jpgditionally, many parents are intrigued by the fact that serious projects, such as PC building can enhance children’s sensory experiences and can help them acquire a number of useful skills.

Planning and Building

The younger the child, the faster they absorb new information and learn new life skills. PC building can be extremely useful, in that it teaches typical and atypical children a variety of skills, such as problem solving, planning, and practicing patience.

As building a PC requires planning - that goes hand in hand with practicing patience - and construction, the child will have to conduct the necessary research to purchase the right parts (often with the help of an adult). These two steps, planning and building, provide rich sensory experiences, as the child will have to observe, touch, and determine what pieces fit together.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is an extraordinary skill that many adults wish to perfect. The sooner the child starts to practice problem solving, the better the chances are he/she will become an expert at it later on in life.

Whether the child has a sensory problem or not, PC building can develop their problem solving skills in that it will give them the opportunity to observe, examine and gauge the problem, and most importantly, use their sense of touch to determine whether or not they put the pieces in their proper spot.

PC building is a tactile activity, i.e. it requires a lot of handy work, which can be a very fun and interesting experience that also creates new connections in the brain and provides a rich sensory experience to young ones. Thus, the richer the sensory experience, the easier it is for them to acquire new skills.

September 21, 2017

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