Musical Sensory Garden

Percussion Play Reveals the Secrets to Building the Perfect Musical Sensory Garden


UK-based outdoor musical instrument manufacturer Percussion Play details how to build inclusive spaces that allow everyone to experience music and nature, with a specialist guide to building a musical sensory garden.

Percussion Play has built musical instruments for parks, playgrounds and schools all around the world – and now, they’re sharing their specialist knowledge on sensory gardens.

In the free guide, the UK’s leading outdoor musical instrument manufacturer showcases their tips on planning, planting and percussion so that everyone can enjoy music, sound and the great outdoors.

musical garden guide

Why are sensory musical gardens so important? Percussion Play’s Director, Robin Ashfield said: “Sensory and musical therapy play an important role in mental and physical health. It can have a profound, positive effect on people, from children who’ve suffered abuse, to elderly persons who’ve recovering from a stroke.”

He added: “Musical therapy can even help with addiction. Musical gardens provide the environment for this to take place, and we’re proudemperor chimes to have helped bring so many musical garden projects to life.”

In support of their case, Percussion Play have released the Guide to Building the Perfect Musical Garden, for parks, schools and other organisations. You can find out more by visiting, where you can download the guide for free.

About Percussion Play

Percussion Play is a creative outdoor musical instrument manufacturer, determined to add harmony, soul and energy to outdoor play environments across the world. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, the team at Percussion Play have one goal in mind – to lead the market in innovative outdoor music solutions. We strongly believe in the power of outdoor music – it offers cognitive, emotional and physical play opportunities for everyone, everywhere.

August 9, 2017

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