NHS grant for epilepsy film

Children’s charity, Young Epilepsy has won new funding from NHS England under their Celebrating Excellence in Participation community scheme.

This exciting grant will enable Young Epilepsy and its partners to create a truly innovative film that will celebrate the diversity of young people with epilepsy and consolidates the charity’s recommendations from the findings of its Darzi Fellowship, for more integrated services. The film will tell the story of how children and young people with epilepsy were able to share their perspectives and shape the report and its recommendations.

The report found that current epilepsy services do not represent the full impact the condition can have on individuals and not enough has been done to explore better systems. This has led to new plans to establish an epilepsy registry linked to proper individualised care plans and to commission an economic analysis outlining the benefits of a truly integrated approach. Importantly, it has also led to innovative work to co-create effective networks for children and young people with epilepsy, so that they can support and learn from each other, helping to ensure that they have an influential say on the care provided for them.

Dr Amit Bali, Young Epilepsy Clinical Leadership fellow, said; “This is an exciting and innovative project, allowing us to feedback the perspectives of the young people that shaped this influential work. I am looking forward to supporting them as they help create this unique film, and I am glad Young Epilepsy can help them showcase their artistic talents.”

For more information on epilepsy, please visit www.youngepilepsy.org.uk <http://www.youngepilepsy.org.uk/>


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