NRS Healthcare Introduce the Seahorse Plus Toileting and Shower Chair

The next generation Seahorse Plus Toileting and Shower Chair is a development of the acclaimed Seahorse Sanichair – re-designed with the aim to add improved functionality whilst retaining the key benefits of the original Seahorse.

Based on extensive feedback from healthcare professionals, carers and end users, the Seahorse Plus features increased comfort, stability and adaptability, making it ideal for children of varying ages and suitable for both home and care settings. The chair has removable back and seat liners that are sold separately, with two liner options for each size of chair. The Seahorse Plus has the capability to accommodate multiple children or one child as they grow and now features independent, height adjustable footrests for comfort with straps for security.


The new flip up Anterior Support can be used as arm rests during the toileting process which increases comfort for young users. Another feature designed to increase comfort is the height and depth adjustable swivelling headrest which is easily altered to support the child’s head.

To increase safety and functionality, the new Seahorse Plus design features gas-assisted tilt-in-space, which means the chair can be tilted whilst the child is seated. This reduces the need to transfer the child in and out of the chair when toileting and showering.

The new Seahorse Plus also has different strap options; a Padded Lap-Strap is included with the chair to keep the child in position, but there are also optional harness accessories for added security, including a Chest Harness and Butterfly Harness.


The chair is easily wiped clean after use and has lockable castors for extra stability and the chair’s width makes it suitable for hoisting. All the new features of the Seahorse Plus make toileting and showering safer, more comfortable and easier for both the carer, parent and young user.

The new Seahorse Plus is a modular toileting and shower chair which can be adapted for multiple children and made bespoke for their needs. In order to suit an extensive range of ages, the Seahorse Plus will be available in three sizes: small, medium and large – suitable for children aged 5, to young adults aged 18+ (using the correctly sized liners).

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*The Seahorse Plus small and medium will be available from August 2016. Large will be available October 2016.

For children with less complex showering needs, NRS Healthcare are introducing the new Children’s Height Adjustable Shower Chair – an affordable and ergonomically designed shower chair for children. It features a comfortable plastic seat with drainage holes and supportive back rest for ultimate convenience and even has integral arms to enable easy rising and support whilst seated. The height of the Shower Chair is also easily adjustable and non-slip rubber ferrule feet give you peace of mind that all safety precautions have been taken care of.

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