Showcasing Mobile Magic Carpet, new App Store, Magic Carpet for mainstream users, plus Magic Mirror prototype debut

Specialists in the design and installation of sensory environments, gesture controlled software and inclusive learning technology, Sensory Guru has announced the Bett debut of its new mobile version of Magic Carpet, an app-based interactive projection system that stimulates and engages people of all ages and abilities, as well as the new Magic Carpet app store containing thousands of new apps for the product.

The company is also at Bett to demonstrate Magic Carpet’s new content for 2017, which has been specifically designed for mainstream students. Sensory Guru is additionally showcasinga prototype of an exciting new concept, Magic Carpet’s Magic Mirror, which uses augmented reality technology to create a truly immersive user experience.

Used for both special educational needs (SEN ) and now mainstream students, Magic Carpet responds to the slightest movement, supports multiple access methods such as gesture, eye gaze, mouse and touch and projects a variable image size, up to a huge 3.6 metres wide, catering for wheelchair accessibility. Magic Carpet supports national curriculum Early Years, Primary and SEN learning, sensory stimulation, play and leisure with a wide array of interactive content. 

sensory guru mobile magic carpetSensory Guru has been supplying the Magic Carpet system as a fixed ceiling installation since 2009, and last year created a fully integrated and accessible plug-and-play Mobile Magic Carpet interactive projection system, which allows variable image sizes and easy set up and control.

Mobile Magic Carpet is controlled via Sensory Guru’s iOS and Android apps which include a remote system shutdown. All Magic Carpet products are fully compatible with TobiiDynavox eye trackers, which can be used on a monitor alongside Magic Carpet to enable Eye Gaze users to participate with their peers.

The Magic Carpet App Store with more than 1,000 premium apps is now available for both mainstream and SEN users. The new mainstream apps were developed to bring Magic Carpet to a wider range of users. The apps use gamification, quizification and themes to engage young learners, from years 1 to 3. This means all students can have an outlet to focus on that suits their personal learning style. 

Lee Blemings, CEO at Sensory Guru, commented: “Magic Carpet is a supplementary tool in the classroom. It’s about classroom dynamics; you can flip the learning group to Magic Carpet, while not changing the learning goal. This means different learning styles can stay focused and engaged while the entire class stays on topic and on task.

“There is something wonderfully empowering about Magic Carpet; you wave your arm and magic happens,” he enthuses. “We are really pleased to be able to bring Mobile Magic Carpet and our new mainstream offering to Bett this year.”

headteacher at st mary the virgin church of england primary school in hatfield east sussex emma maltbyHeadteacher at St Mary the Virgin Church of England Primary School in Hartfield, East Sussex, Emma Maltby, has been using Mobile Magic Carpet over 2016 while helping Sensory Guru experts to develop the system for mainstream schools. On Mobile Magic Carpet, she said: “As a teacher you’re able to stand back and facilitate, which means you’re actually able to look at a lot more than just the learning that’s going on; you can look at [pupils’] learning behaviours and their social interaction. This is because [the students] are so engaged. There isn’t a need to maintain engagement because Magic Carpet is so appealing for the pupils.”

For both mainstream and SEN users, Magic Carpet allows complete tailoring and flexibility on a per-student basis. It also enables large groups to easily work together on a learning concept. 

Magic Mirror is also being showcased at Bett. This is an interactive wall projection system using Magic Carpet’s unique wealth of content, that takes the image of the person standing or sitting in front of the wall and integrates the user’s image into the app being used. The user then moves and sees the mirror image of themselves within the app, reflected on the wall, for true augmented reality interaction. 

“This is truly ground-breaking,” stated Blemings. “There is nothing like this on the market at the moment, and we decided that Bett 2017 would be a great place to showcase the prototype of this exciting new product.” 



January 23, 2017

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