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SoapBox Labs, the leading company in kid’s speech recognition technology, announces its cloud-based API, which accurately recognizes children’s voices and easily integrates with smart devices and applications for kids. Device manufacturers and application developers can now voice-enable children’s products easily and effectively, by taking advantage of the new Soapbox API technology. Soapbox Labs is quickly solving one of the most frustrating issues in the technology space, by recognizing and responding to children’s unique vocal and behavioral characteristics. Soapbox provides a high performance voice-interface for kids everywhere, on all devices and environments.

When a young child attempts to activate their favorite voice-enabled device, they use their youthful voice, accompanied by a childlike speaking-style. They will likely start to shout at the device, never being able to activate the application they want to play with. The voice interface market is growing rapidly, yet most commercial speech recognition systems fail to reliably pick up and engage with a child’s voice. The new SoapBox API provides a voice interaction experience that is more accurate, accessible, and enjoyable for kids so they can activate their toys and favorite devices without screaming or bursting into tears.

Using the SoapBox API, reliable voice recognition for kids aged 4 to 12, in everyday environments, is now a reality. The SoapBox API to perform at a higher level within children’s devices and applications, especially while being used in natural environments such as classrooms, cafes, and even the back of a moving car!

The SoapBox API supports sounds, words, sentences, fluency and comprehension, allowing any third-party developing a product for children to voice-enable their experience accurately. The API can help these developers build the following services specifically for kids:

  • Voice Skills: Found in smart home devices and the Internet of Things, ‘skills’ are the actions or responses activated by the user’s voice
  • Voice Control: Used in interactive toys, gaming, virtual, augmented, and mixed reality devices, voice control engages and activates by vocal sound
  • Conversation: The new Soapbox API motivates conversation, not just commands, between users and entertainment, edutainment, and gaming devices
  • Pronunciation Assessment: Personalized, real-time assessments for reading, literacy and language learning are all possible with the Soapbox API

SoapBox Labs

“In 2013, we realized that commercial speech recognition systems do not respond accurately to children’s voices due to both physical and behavioral differences in how children speak when compared to adults, and performance gets even worse for young children. This is because those systems were built for adults, using adult speech data” says SoapBox Labs CEO, Dr. Patricia Scanlon, “We have built our speech recognition API that works exclusively for children in their every day, uncontrolled environments and on a wide range of consumer mobile devices. Using our extensive speech technology expertise, our API performs at high accuracy for young children in real-world conditions such as in homes and schools. Our technology can ‘voice-enable’ a wide range of application areas such as voice control for gaming, Virtual Reality, and home devices. The same underlying technology can also advance a child’s literacy and language learning through reading and language tutoring apps.”

Dr. Scanlon also added, “We are delighted to announce the launch of our cloud-based children’s speech recognition platform and are now inviting developers to apply to access our technology and help them quickly bring products to market. We will select a number of projects/companies that we view as having a real social impact that can avail of our platform for free, terms and conditions will apply.”

January 8, 2018

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