Third World aid brought to Malaysia from Brewood!

Thirteen pupils from St. Dominic's Brewood recently returned from Malaysia after completing an insightful World Challenge expedition.

Each pupil from St. Dominic’s Brewood raised £2400 through various fundraising initiatives in order to pay for their travel and expenses to participate in the once in a lifetime experience.

The team, led by World Challenge representative Dave Evans, focussed on five distinct phases of planning and preparation, acclimatisation, trekking, project work, and rest and relaxation.

For three days the team worked in a local special needs hospice ‘Kirtash’ for people with disabilities with an age range of 4-94 years. Activities included cleaning the hospice from top to bottom, preparing a living area wall with traditional blessings décor, taking the residents on walks, and participating in dancing and singing.

“It was such a humbling experience, these people have hardly anything to their name including shoes that fit,” explained Sophia Baig, Year 12.

The hospice was set up by Mr Money, a local Malaysian, whose brother had special needs requirements and due to the lack of provision for adults. £400 was raised for Kirtash and donated by St Dominic’s Brewood for vital medicine.

Other activities for the expedition included an extreme day of white water rafting, a two-day mountainous trek across the Robinson Falls to include visits to a tea plantation, chilli farm and a strawberry plantation.

Due to the trip coinciding with the end of Ramadan, accommodation was extremely scarce and the team had ended up sleeping in a Christian Conference Centre on Pangkor Island for part of the trip.

“Casey who ran the conference centre pretty much saved our lives. He organised the ferry crossing and even gave us a free meal on the first night!” said Megan Watson, Year 12.

The expedition ended with some well-deserved rest time. The juxtaposition world of Malaysia was made obvious after a visit to the commercialised capital Kuala Lumpur and the seeing the tallest twin building and highest skywalk in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers.

The World Challenge programme will now be encompassed within St. Dominic’s Brewood extracurricular provision every two years.

The expedition provides excellent employability benefits for the Sixth Formers to add to their CV, with unique skills and capabilities that they can bring to their future careers. World Challenge is the 3rd highest regarded activity when applying to UCAS and it is even possible to accrue UCAS points from the venture.

Mr Pete McNabb, new school Head comments: “This was a tremendous opportunity for the girls to gain an insight into a much less privileged society and to provide invaluable aid to people with special needs in the Malaysian community.”

You can view the highlights of the expedition on the dedicated Facebook Page here: For more information about St.Dominic’s Brewood please call 01902 850248.


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