Get ready for the relaxation of restrictions with Tillr’s Post-Lockdown Recovery Toolkit

child on laptop using Post-Lockdown Recovery Toolkit

It is acutely ironic that 2020, a number associated with complete clarity of vision, is a year of unmatched confusion when it comes to looking into the future. 

Given the unprecedented nature and scope of the restrictions imposed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, nobody can claim any expertise in knowing what happens next. 

However, it can be stated with certainty that the organisational and logistical challenges associated with the relaxation of lockdown will be enormous. 

Local government will be faced with a fiendishly difficult task in overseeing and implementing measures introduced by Whitehall. 

Safeguarding vulnerable Speech, Language and Communication Needs children with early intervention

Girl with Speech, Language and Communication special needs in therapy

Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) are prevalent issues found within many children’s disabilities or difficulties. Whilst they make children more vulnerable to abuse, conversely abuse also makes children more prone to developing SLCN needs. The key to addressing this challenge is to intervene as early as possible.

The crucial role cyber security plays in student safeguarding

Sonia Blizzard on the crucial role cyber security plays in student safeguarding

The crucial role cyber security plays in student safeguarding by Sonia Blizzard, managing director of Beaming, the business ISP 

Specialist schools increasingly rely on the internet and online resources. Edtech is brilliant at offering students the tools they need to learn in a way that suits them. 

Connectivity is also important for SEND educators, from recording and reporting detailed performance data to sharing content and collaborating with students. Any downtime in the availability of IT services only creates more disruption, that directly impacts students. This means it is vital that schools take all the steps they can to keep their systems, people and data safe and secure from cyber attacks. 

What you should know about SEND teacher applications

SEND teacher roles

January to June is a key time for school recruitment and for roles working with people with special needs and disabilities as the New Year is often when management teams turn their eye to planning for the next academic year. But how do you make your SEND teacher application stand out from the crowd at a time when everyone is looking for a new job? We caught up with professionals in SEND recruitment to ask their tips on how to write successful job applications for these types of roles.

Start with the basics

Kelly Woollard is the lead SEND consultant at Clarus Education, one of the UK’s largest education recruitment companies. She deals with hundreds of teaching job applications every week and has the following advice. 

Enabling a mobile campus at Orchard Hill College

Orchard Hill College exterior

Enabling a mobile campus at Orchard Hill College, article from Paul Fisher, Technical Consultant at Parallels

Orchard Hill College in London is an Ofsted Outstanding specialist college with six learning centres across London and Surrey where students with learning difficulties and disabilities over the age of 16 can access a range of specialist vocational programmes from animal care and catering to digital media and more. 

In order to provide a modern working environment and up-to-date working experience, the college’s team of lecturers and staff—around 300 people—need to be able to remotely connect to their work computer desktops, and access all their applications, from anywhere in the college or at home, and on any device they choose.

The roaring twenties - what lies ahead for educators?

Sam Blyth on what lies ahead for educators

New Year is traditionally a time to look ahead and consider the future, even if it falls halfway through the year from a teacher’s perspective. Nevertheless, this New Year also marks the beginning of a new decade, making it an opportune moment to stop and think about what trends might emerge in the education sector. 

Through our ongoing work with schools and teachers we have been able to put together a picture of four pervasive themes that educators agree will top the agenda in 2020 and beyond.

1.    Return of Bring Your Own Device

Is there any value spending time making parent-friendly communication?

Winston looks at 'Is there any value spending time making parent-friendly communication?'

Winston Poyton, education, charities & commercial product director at IRIS Software Group discusses the best way for schools to engage parents of children with SEN.

Fear of the unknown can make points in the education journey such as a new teacher or starting a new school an anxious time for pupils with SEN and their parents. 

At these times, a school’s natural response is to provide parents with plenty of information so they can help their children adjust to the new environment. 

In these ‘technologically rich’ days, parental communication can happen at the click of a button. This means that schools can often be competing with a plethora of other social media and marketing messages to get important, specific information through to families.  

New approaches for education in the digital age 

Young girl on laptop with ASL teacher talking about the digital age

These are interesting times in the world of education. Schools, colleges and universities are preparing today’s tech savvy generation for an unpredictable future, while addressing some of the most pressing challenges ever to shape the education landscape. 
In recent years, teachers and educations boards in the maintained sector have seen their budgets squeezed, with a sharper focus on tightening belts to save time, money and resources. 
ASL Group believe in creating innovative solutions to support teaching and learning, while keeping costs to a minimum.

Building The Classroom of the Future

Robot hands - classroom of the future

Building The Classroom of the Future: Why Tech Will Be An Asset and a game changer for Education
Dr Andrew Hobbs, Chief Operations Officer of the UK’s biggest children’s home-learning support provider, Exemplar Education, explores how AI will reshape the learning environment of the future. 
Few issues have captured the public’s consciousness as much as AI and the rise of the robots and what it could mean for the job market of the future. The speed at which technology is evolving is faster than anyone could have imagined and with that comes an overarching sense of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of our hard-earned skill sets growing redundant, fear of everyday tasks being replaced by AI all together.

Newham school begins renovation work to encourage inclusion

Newham school students beginning renovation work to encourage inclusion

Building works at North Beckton Primary School in Newham are set to complete in April 2020 and will see investment into the provision for profound and multiple learning disabilities
North Beckton Primary School has begun renovation works, which are set to redevelop the heart of the school and demonstrate a widespread commitment to increasing inclusivity.
Ongoing building works will see investment into the provision for PMLD (profound and multiple learning disabilities). The school is working closely with the local borough to provide an inclusive curriculum and facilities.

Video can bring education to life

Video conference in education

Video can bring education to life – By Phillip Perry, Head of UK/Ireland, Zoom Communications

Education has been an essential part of society for thousands of years. It focuses on developing the academic abilities of children, as well as their capability to engage as social beings. While the fundamental benefits of education are the same as they always were, our world is changing and we have to change with it. Today, technology is at the core of everything we do but, unfortunately, not all educational institutions have the ability or resources to offer the enriched programs they wish they could offer, and students could find themselves missing out. 

Social entrepreneurs share the joy of sport with inclusive sports sessions

inclusive sports sessions at schools

A special loan for business startups is helping two social entrepreneurs share the joy of sport with people who would usually miss out because of disability.

Sports development expert Richard Szostak, and champion wheelchair racer Louis Speight, have delivered hundreds of inclusive sports coaching sessions since receiving a Start Up Loan from Transmit Startups.

Their social enterprise is called Omnis Circumvado CIC, meaning ‘all-encompassing' in Latin, and runs adapted sport and PE sessions for special education needs schools, community groups and local authorities. Omnis has also developed special programmes including wheelchair skills training and visual impairment awareness training to teach people about sight loss.

Amazing schools recognised for work supporting pupils with epilepsy!

Student with epilepsy award

Two schools have been presented with awards for their work supporting pupils with epilepsy. Puss Bank Primary School, in Macclesfield, Cheshire, and Pontypridd High School, in Pontypridd, South Wales have been judged winners of the 2019 Epilepsy Action Awards – in the primary school and secondary school categories respectively.

The Epilepsy Action Awards celebrate the UK’s epilepsy heroes. They recognise and celebrate those who have made a real difference to those with epilepsy in the UK. A total of 11 awards were presented across the country during November, honouring the work and commitment of volunteers, fundraisers, schools, employers and healthcare professionals.

Using coloured radiator covers in autism education environments

Contour radiator cover in green

Colour psychology studies how hues can impact the human behaviour. This is vital in an autism specialist unit or school. This is due to senses normally being heightened and behaviours closely monitored by onlooking staff.

As well as supplying low surface temperature radiators, Contour also supply anti-ligature radiator covers which have numerous additional safety benefits. This can make an excellent choice for an autism unit. 


Champion positive mental health for your staff and pupils

Mental health training

Mental Health & Wellbeing Training Ltd is a company committed to reducing mental health stigma, improving knowledge and helping communities to feel able to support themselves to keep well and thrive. We aim to do this by providing evidence-based, government recommended mental health training, delivered by experienced mental health consultants.

Our approach
Through our staff and student workshops and parent/carer training courses, we aim to help you develop flourishing school communities with strong minds and big hearts.

Nuffield Health launches new wellbeing programme for North East schools

Nuffield Health SWAP at Benton Dene Special School

A SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) school has become the first school in Tyneside and Northumberland to benefit from a free wellbeing programme developed by the award-winning private healthcare group, Nuffield Health.
Members of staff from Nuffield Health Newcastle Hospital and Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Gym in Gosforth launched the new School Wellbeing Activity Programme (SWAP) at Benton Dene Special School in Longbenton, as part of a country-wide campaign to educate children about positive physical and mental health.

PROACT-SCIPr-UK® - Reducing the Need for Restraint and Restrictive Intervention 


“Reducing the Need for Restraint and Restrictive Intervention” (HM Government 2019) states that “Every child and young person has a right to be treated with respect and dignity.” This document provides a framework of core values and principles of support which include a proactive approach to support children and young people whose behaviour challenges and a reduction in the need to use restraint and restrictive interventions. 
Children’s Services and schools need to ensure that both their practice and training reflect the requirements of this guidance – this is where Loddon Training & Consultancy can help you!