SMART Technologies launches new interactive display with tool sensing

The SMART Board® 6000S series for classrooms, which will be unveiled at Bett this month, is SMART’s first display to include ToolSense™, a unique technology that lets people engage with the board using a new range of tactile objects. The technology adds an extra level of interactivity to the device, particularly beneficial when teaching STEM subjects, or for students with different learning styles.
Building on pen software, the new sensor technology means that the board will automatically recognise particular tactile tools and will launch specific actions and programs when they are used. For example, one of the first tools created is a set of mathematical symbol stamps; when used, the display automatically recognises the symbols, makes them digital and active within a calculation, bridging physical and digital learning.
Nicolas Svensson, SMART Technologies Executive Vice President & Operations Officer explains: “The vision is to innovate specific tool sets for all education levels and subjects based on curricula and student abilities. The fact that we can incorporate tactile learning objects brings a new level to hands-on learning in the classroom and makes it accessible for everyone.”SMART Technologies 6000s board
At Bett (stand NH2o), visitors can try the SMART Board 6000S series alongside the full lineup of SMART’s latest releases including: the enhanced SMART Board MX series (link), a high-value display with all the interactive essentials, and the SMART Board 7000R series (link), designed to provide the most precise writing experience for complex subjects and detailed content. All three series incorporate the most recent advancements from SMART providing best-in-class touch, ink, and embedded iQ Android™ computing experiences.
For Bett, SMART Technologies is a global partner and visitors will have additional opportunities to engage with the technology, get hands-on practice and professional development through sessions. Attendees can visit “The Teaching Tech Zone” for a fully interactive experience and attend SMART’s Seminar Spotlight “Time Saving Tech Hacks for Teachers.”
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Visit SMART Technologies for more information on the SMART Board 6000S.


January 10, 2020

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