Tackling fires and the cost of extinguishers in educational premises

A fire within an educational building can cause devastation, let alone put young lives at risk. With a 1 in 20 chance of a fire breaking out in your premises there is good reason to ensure that you have adequate firefighting provisions to tackle small fires. Balancing this fact against tight budgets can cause some educational establishments a huge headache. The P50 service-free range of fire extinguishers helps address these issues, giving you all the firefighting power that you need while also saving you up to £300 over the lifetime of each extinguisher.  
The P50s are available as foam, powder and wet chemical extinguishers and are constructed from composite plastic with an aramid core forFire extinguishers strength. All other components are made from stainless steel and chrome plated brass and as such the extinguisher will not corrode, no matter how harsh the environment. These extinguishers have a 10 year warranty and do not require an annual service by a trained extinguisher service engineer or a refill after five years. They only require an annual visual inspection by one of your team - you save the money for the annual service visit and the cost of the refill. After 10 years the extinguishers can be factory refurbished, giving you another 10 years lifespan. P50s save you money and are kinder to the environment.
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