Science goes 3D with high-tech physics book 

A physics book which offers students 28 ideas for experiments with 3D simulations to complement the practicals is set to shake up science this year. 

While physics is a vital academic backbone to hundreds of different careers, the author feels that a huge disparity exists between students needing to intimately understand the practicalities and results of dozens of experiments, while having very limited access to actual laboratories. It’s something that has been on Dr. Robert J. Lucas’ mind for over a decade, inspiring him to create Advanced Physics Practicals: with 3D Simulations.

Th physics book describes 28 physics practicals at advanced level and beyond. There's background information on each one, a description of the equipment needed and how the experiment is performed. Uniquely, for those without access to a real laboratory, this book comes with free access to highly detailed 3d simulations of all the experiments. These are the same as in the Virtual Physics Laboratory as reviewed and given the Green Tick by the Association for Science Education. They don’t just give ideal results, they need to be done with the same kind of care as a real experiment to get good results. For the school or university student who wants to improve and widen his/her knowledge of Physics to those that are learning on their own, this is a perfect book for honing experimental skills.advanced physics book

“The 3D simulations run on PC and Mac, are very detailed and highly realistic,” explains the author. “I didn’t create them to be simple demonstrations, but actual 3D experiments that are as close to the real thing as possible, so students don’t have to be held back by sporadic access to laboratories. Many people are talking up the future of virtual learning environments in education, yet very little exists out there. My book is real and at the ready, to help students from all over the world. There is a very real future for Technology Enhanced Education, and I’m pleased to be at the helm of this paradigm shift.”

Physics book gets glowing reviews from readers

Rob Lucas has worked in and around education for 40 years. As well as teaching at university undergraduate and postgraduate level, he has created many software products for teaching. These include TOM, the Thoroughly Obedient Moron which is a computer simulator for Windows, the Virtual Language Laboratory which was the first multimedia language lab that used a PC network, and many science 3D simulations.

Reviews for Advanced Physics Practicals have been glowing. For example, a reader calling himself Mike Z. comments online, “This book is an absolute revelation to me. I can actually perform the experiments described using equipment that my old school Physics laboratory could only have dreamed of. Although it is a simulated laboratory, it is surprisingly close to a real laboratory experience. I always found it easier to learn in an environment where you could perform the experiments that produce the results ones learning depends on. This book and 3D simulated lab are almost the closest I can imagine to providing that experience short of getting access to a real lab, with the advantage of being able to repeat the experience as often as desired, and at any time.”

Rhona McCracken adds, “As a high school student in Scotland I highly recommend this book to anyone studying higher (or A level) physics or anyone else who wants a fun, innovative way to try out the subject. The software included allows students to explore a large variety of experiments in a realistic 3D laboratory setting. It runs well on a PC with easy-to-use controls. There is a high level of detail in the virtual equipment and interaction with it. I have found the book very useful, not only to give clear instructions on how to use the software, but also to explain the theory behind each experiment and give a method for carrying them out with physical equipment.”

Advanced Physics Practicals: with 3D Simulations is available now: For more information and resources, visit:

January 31, 2018

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