New Play Kit Designed for Children’s Development

Kitcamp, founded by Anna Saunt and Jonathan Lord, have introduced a new build-and-play modular kit as an alternative to, or to complement, fixed play equipment. The innovative kit is more versatile than traditional fixed play furniture and the advantage is that children build structures themselves, which helps with learning and social development.

The product is unique, comprising of interlocking panels which fit together in different configurations, so children can assemble large objects like castles, dens and spaceships to their own design and limited only by their imagination. It’s ideal for primary schools but can be used in various ways by different age groups, even as a useful storage system or as classroom dividers.

Explore and Learn

Children can explore the rooms they build, create levels and walls and the kit encourages social, collaborative play as well as boosting confidence. The materials are highly durable, lightweight and safe for children to build with, so adults can sit nearby and let the play unravel without interfering in the children’s fantasy worlds. It suits indoors or outdoors play and was first trialled at family festivals, with great feedback. One child reported it was “the most imaginative thing I have seen, even better than Lego!”.

“…Even Better Than Lego!” 

Anna Saunt is delighted with the initial reactions to the product from children, teachers and parents. Kitcamp

She said:

“We just bring the tools and the children build. Off they go and they build what they like – they communicate and they interact, they join builds and it’s amazing. I was an army child and every time we moved house, we had these boxes supplied by the military to put all our belongings in and when they were emptied, they were left in the garden, ready to be collected. Whilst we waited for them to be collected we built the most amazing dens. My dens were always structurally complex and robust, so that’s what we wanted to achieve with Kitcamp. We did a lot of child development courses and we realised that what we created had so many benefits for children in terms of their development.”

Kitcamp was eight years in the making and now the play system is being offered to schools and academies around the UK. It aligns with objectives for Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and is beneficial for Special Education Needs (SEN). It also meets the criteria for the Sports Premium Fund (SPF).

“We want to reach PTAs, teachers and parents and can offer advice on fund raising for this, as well as a range of supporting materials after the kit is procured,” added Jonathan Lord. “We really want to inspire children with Kitcamp. It’s good for both boys and girls, as well as children having problems with confidence or integrating with other kids. We really want this product to give children a platform to show what they can achieve.”

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May 22, 2018

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