Wren Kitchens design Competition

This week, Yorkshire kitchen specialists Wren Kitchens have launched their first children’s design competition on their website and social media channels named WrensLittleBuild 

With links to STEM, PSCHE, art and DT, the WrensLittleBuilds competition aims to captivate children’s creativity and challenge their imaginations by letting them take full control of their kitchens – designing dream spaces and inspiring them to create wild and wacky kitchens to concoct their favourite meals in.

From talking fridges and taps that dispense milkshake to rainbow coloured kitchen units, WrensLittleBuilds gives your child the chance to create a fantasy kitchen they’ll never want to leave. There are no limits to what they can include in their design – absolutely anything that gets them excited about getting in the kitchen, preparing food and enjoying tasty meals. 

Three winners (from different age groups) will see their kitchens brought to life in a specially-built toy kitchen that will be delivered to their homes to play with every day! 

HOW TO ENTER WrensLittleBuild

1. You can pick up a design sheet in your local showroom, print a sheet out at home from the competition website (https://static.wrenkitchens.com/pdf/a4-print-template.pdf), or simply grab a piece of paper.

2. Encourage your child to let their imagination run wild as they draw their fantasy kitchen. Annotations and explanations are all welcome.

3. Snap a picture of their design on your phone or tablet and submit using the hashtag WrensLittleBuilds on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

4. The competition closes on Friday 27th July and the three winners will be announced and contacted via the social media channel used to submit the entry soon after

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July 11, 2018

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