Mobile workstation offers greater mobility options for SEND classrooms

A mobile sit-stand workstation which brings a mobilised solution to the classroom has been developed by Canadian brand – which produces a range of sit-stand products. The mobile workstation STSCART (pictured) offers a large surface area and easy sit-to-stand height adjustment, providing a workspace that’s both versatile and practical.

The mobile workstation enables students to reduce sedentary time and increase focus and allows teachers to create a more dynamic and interactive learning environment. Its heavy-duty cart design means it’s ideal for classrooms and its large, stable surface area makes it easy for users to position their laptop or writing surface comfortably, or attach a compatible monitor arm to use the cart as an aid for training or presentations.  

Juliet Wei, Senior Product Manager at, spoke to Education For Everybody about how the mobile workstation is ideal for SEND settings…

The mobile workstation looks helpful for children with mobility issues. Can you explain how they can be adjusted? STSCART mobile workstation

The height range adjustments go from 29.5” (75mm) to 45” (1150mm) and can therefore accommodate reduced mobility users.  To move the desktop up and down,  all you need to do is to squeeze the adjustment lever on the right side of the desktop and thanks to the smooth action movement, children themselves can make the adjustment.

Is there plenty of room to work on for children who need space?

Yes. The mobile workstation has a 24”x31.5” (610mm x 800mm) work surface that provides enough room for all regular classroom supplies, such as textbooks, pens and other tools.

Why is standing up to work sometimes a better option?

A height adjustable desk is an effective way to combat a sedentary lifestyle and workstyle. Research shows that an average person spends 12 hours per day sitting still for work or school. Moving and standing more often improves our health overall,  increases productivity and our ability to focus, while increasing blood circulation. Low level movement can also reduce pain and discomfort, and boost metabolism. All in all, a height-adjustable desk can help people be healthier, more mobile as well as being more productive.

Can the stations be used with tablets and laptops?

Yes. The product has a lift capacity of 4.5kg (10lb), which is plenty enough to support a tablet and a laptop.  

Are they suitable for teachers?

They are great for teachers as they provide ample surface to set up all presenting-related technology tools such as a laptop or tablet, portable cameras, projectors, visualisers, etc. There is also a mobile caster installed to easily move from classroom to classroom, or to switch between presentation position to one-on-one tutor position.

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April 17, 2018

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