Unlocking success for young people with complex needs

Unlocking success for young people with complex needs

Julie Hamilton, Clinical Services Director at Keys Group, discusses why specialist in-house support teams are key to unlocking barriers to success for young people with complex needs.

We know that children in care and young people with complex needs require robust support systems, and yet the diversity of their wide ranging needs can at times mean that the care provided by traditional support structures is inconsistent. In the face of ever-changing social care and education sectors, how can providers ensure that young people receive the support they need in order to thrive?  

Autism East Midlands Wins Charity Times Award with Brain in Hand

Autism East Midlands has won the Charity Times Award for Best Use of Technology.  Its use of Brain in Hand has been selected from hundreds of entries from across the charity sector as it has successfully helped to transform the lives of its service users and their families, delivering significant operational improvements.

Implementing Brain in Hand as part of a Positive Behaviour Support programme across Autism East Midlands has changed the nature of incidents and the strategies used to support individuals.  The length and severity of interventions have decreased and requirement for restraint has reduced.  This has enabled staff to focus more time on proactive and positive development activities.