inclusive PE

10 top tips for providing inclusive PE

Girl with SEN on the running track taking part in inclusive PE

Physical education (PE) is vital and there’s a reason the National Curriculum ensures that all children should have the opportunity to engage in PE. It is important that children develop an enjoyment and passion for physical education! In this article, the experts at TTS discuss how education professionals and parents alike can promote inclusive PE and make it inclusive irrespective of ability.

How to deliver an exceptional PE curriculum for all abilities

PE curriculum - a screenshot from the Youtube video of children in a PE lesson

Ronnie Heath is Managing Director of Create Development. Here, he discusses the benefits of delivering an excellent PE curriculum for children of all abilities…

Why do we want children to do PE? To encourage and enable lifelong participation; to help young people maximise their potential; to develop a range of life and learning skills that can also support whole school aims.

So what are the skills and abilities children need to achieve these outcomes? Physical skills of course, but also their confidence to move and be active, how they cope when things get difficult, how they engage with, support and learn from others, whether they can solve problems, come up with their own ideas, evaluate their own and others’ performance to name a few.