Poio, the reading app revolutionising phonics learning

Daniel Senn, CEO and Founder of reading app Poio

Daniel Senn, CEO and Founder of reading app Poio, on providing a compelling, gamified alternative to traditional learning methods

As is the case for many founders, the idea for my company, Poio, came from personal experience. I was inspired to look into alternative learning methods following the birth of my son Leon, who was born with a hearing difficulty. I knew that as Leon grew, certain skills, like reading, would be more difficult for him to grasp in a traditional classroom environment; which led me to consider the fact that the way we learn and acquire basic academic skills hasn’t evolved in decades. 

Lexonik improves reading age by average of 31 months

Students and teacher using Lexonik

Internationally recognised literacy programme Lexonik has been praised by head teachers for its work with children from areas of high deprivation in the North West. A special education event was held at South Shore Academy to showcase Lexonik’s work in the region, with more than 700 students across nine Blackpool schools, as part of the Government’s Opportunities Areas project, which is supported by the Blackpool Headteacher’s Group and the charity Right to Succeed.

Lexonik aims to improve reading ages following six separate hour-long sessions.

Tales Toolkit story-telling helps boys close ‘literacy gap’ with girls

Tales Toolkit in action in Nursery class at Cale Green Primary School

A story-telling approach can help boys aged two to five-years-old catch up with the literacy levels of girls in the same class, research by Goldsmiths, University of London has found.

Tales Toolkit is a storytelling programme, currently used for children up to age seven in more than 120 schools across the UK and eight countries worldwide, that encourages imagination and creativity. It provides schools with child-led resources based around symbols to represent story structure of character, setting, problem and solution.