school trips

Guardian at Wynstones Steiner Waldorf School

Wynstones ideas for school trips

Wynstones School has taken their children on trips for many years, with key trips throughout the different age groups.

Although they are not set in stone, there is a framework that creates stability and expectation, as well as a bank of knowledge within the staff on how to organise particular trips and what has worked and what can be improved the following year.

The youngest classes do local walks to the woods and fields; by age nine they have regular work mornings on a local farm, and then at the end of the year possibly have a night’s camping on the farm. As they get older, the trips get a bit longer and further from home. They are all related to the Steiner curriculum and age appropriate.

How tech is bringing school trip experiences into the classroom

School trips

School trips are a highly valuable tool in a teacher’s arsenal. They can act as a reward and create applied, varied and collaborative learning experiences for pupils that facilitate greater retention of information. However, it’s not always practical or possible to take students away from the classroom, not least for those with special needs who may find excessive exposure to new environments overwhelming. Technology provides a way to bring trip experiences into the school and facilitate the transition out of the classroom by building on the skills that will be called on during outings.

Technological advancements

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