Have you ever considered adoption?

Adoption is life changing. Through adoption, you become the legal parent of a child who cannot – for whatever reason – live with their birth parents. You’ll take on the same legal rights and responsibilities of a birth parent and provide a permanent home for the child you adopt.

Adopters come from all walks of life. There is no upper age limit for adoption, although you need to be over 21. You need to be able to look after a child until they become an adult and ideally be there to support them beyond this point. You can be gay, heterosexual, single, in a civil partnership, married or co-habiting – all applications are very welcome and treated equally.  You can adopt whether you rent or own your own home, as long as you have stable living arrangements and the space to accommodate a child.

Adoption Counts is the Regional Adoption Agency that brings the professional expertise and specialist skills of five local authorities from across Greater Manchester and Cheshire together to deliver adoption services of the highest quality. We work with families in Cheshire East, Manchester, Salford, Stockport, and Trafford and the scale of our organisation means that we are able to forge better matches between parents and children, to create relationships that last. We welcome enquiries from in or around the region.

Your family is our focus and our team is passionate about giving you the very best care and support at every stage of the adoption journey, to achieve the best outcome both for you and for children awaiting adoption.

Children with complex needs and adoption 

Adoption Counts Education for EverybodyThere are children all over the country looking for loving homes. From younger children to older children, single children to sibling groups, no matter their background, all they need is an adoptive family to change their life. And while there’s been a significant increase in the number of people coming forward to adopt, some children have to wait much longer to find their permanent home.

Children with disabilities and/or complex needs, like all other children, need the love and security that a family can offer - and they are capable of offering a great deal of love and affection to their carers and families. These children would have been through a lot in their short lives, and they need adults that can step up and nurture them and support them, and most of all allow them the wonderful opportunity to be children. 

Children with complex needs, on average, wait 11 months longer to be adopted.

Adopted children can sometimes bring their own challenges and adopting a child who tends to wait longer can feel daunting, but there is support available. 

Rest assured, we will be by your side through everything, guiding you through the process from the moment you enquire to the day your child joins your family and beyond. Our experienced team has a breadth of skills and knowledge to support and help you with anything you need. The services we offer include regular home visits from your own social worker who will be allocated to you for the duration of your adoption journey, to provide one to one support at every stage. Adopted children with complex needs often require specialist complex support. This will be identified at the time of adoption, and our adoption support team will be able to guide you once the adoption process is completed - there is a range of adoption support services available including, but not limited to: support groups, training, workshops and more specialized therapy.

Adopting child with disability and/or complex needs, it is one most amazing, selfless and most rewarding things you could ever do. Adoption is a big decision…and it could be the best you ever make.

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