Win a Personalised Nursery Rhymes Book with In The Book!

My personalised nursery rhyme book

Education for everybody have teamed up with In The Book to give you a chance to win your very own personalised Nursery Rhymes book. In The Book specialise in personalised books starring your child. Written directly into the book, your child’s name appears on the cover and is featured throughout the hand drawn illustrations. They’ll be starring in their very own personalised story alongside their favourite storybook characters.

They cover a huge range of books for babies, toddlers, young adults and adults, offering a unique collection of books made just for the individual. Working with big brands, there’s hundreds of books to choose from and to personalise such as Disney favourites like Moana, Cars, Toy Story, Tinkerbell and so many more.

Children's books competition: win books worth £38!

Children's books competition: win books worth £38!

We have five books to give away in our children's books competition, from three of our favourite publishers: Featherstone, Bloomsbury and National Online Safety. 

The prize is worth over £38 and the books are…

1. Let's Talk About When Someone Dies

by Molly Potter (£10.99, Featherstone)

From Molly Potter, best-selling author of How Are You Feeling Today? and What's Worrying You?, comes a picture book for starting conversations with children about death, bereavement and what happens next.

CLOSED - WIN a Skwitch – the device which makes composing music accessible to all!

The Skwitch device

WIN a Skwitch worth £44.95. Here's an inclusive gift idea which will enable people of all abilities to make music! The new hotly-tipped i-phone accessory is called a Skwitch. In a nutshell, it’s an inclusive pocket-sized electronic musical instrument that fits into your palm and allows you to make music at the touch of a button.

The device was created by the pioneering UK company Skoogmusic and is on sale via Apple and Amazon with an RRP of £44.95. There is nothing quite like it on the market – children can jam along with songs, compose and mix new tunes by connecting to apps and even use it to explore coding. 

Expanding the scope of education

Children taking part in holistic education

Traditional education is traditionally recognised as the teacher-centred delivery of instruction to students. It comes with the objective of developing a mastery of core subjects like maths, reading, writing, science, and social studies. Education, as most people know it, is centred around academic learning however, another definition of education frames it as ‘an enlightening experience’. This broader understanding of education carries a lot of value for students as it embraces an interconnected mindset that reflects the environment in which they exist.

Disadvantaged Children To Benefit From Free Early Language And Literacy Apps

Children Using Free Early Language And Literacy Apps

Disadvantaged families to receive free access to some of the best early learning apps for phones and tablets

Thousands of families in the north of England to take part in projects aimed at boosting young children’s language and literacy development at home 

Education Secretary sets out the next steps in his vision for improving home learning, so that every child gets the best start in life

Careers scheme helping disabled pupils get digital jobs

Careers scheme helping disabled pupils get digital jobs

Eight schools in Manchester are taking part in a new employability programme that will help teenagers aged 16-18 with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) to get digital jobs.

‘Digital Inc.’ will provide each school with 10 days of employer-led support, with experts from local digital companies coming in to classrooms to take students through a business start-up process and talk about how they themselves got a job in the creative digital sector.

Abbot’s Lea School appoints four new members of staff

Abbot’s Lea School appoints four new members of staff

Abbot’s Lea School in Woolton has welcomed four new members to its team, including one former student. 

The school specialises in highest quality holistic education for young people with Autism and associated complex learning and social needs. It currently employs some 120 staff and is striving to be an International Centre of Excellence in Autism Education, Research and Professional Development.

Joining the strategic leadership team is Micah Grimshaw. A fully qualified and experienced special education teacher, she takes on a role of the head of autism research and development, being responsible for creating, implementing and promoting the school’s autism research and development strategy.

Empowering Pupils through Participatory Budgeting in Schools

Empowering Pupils through Participatory Budgeting in Schools

Schools play a central role in developing the life-skills and confidence of young people.

Participatory budgeting (PB) is a proven deliberative process that can inspire, empower and engage young people in a cooperative, democratic and purposeful way.

Bringing the two together has many positive benefits for schools, for society and for young people.

School based PB, through promoting social action, develops student leadership, supports student and school success, promotes student and parent voice, and involves the entire school in meaningful civic experiences.

Stockport Schools Tackle Health and Wellbeing in Video Competition

Stockport School Students taking Part In Competition

Totally Local Company has launched a new competition to promote the key messages of healthy living and wellbeing to primary school children in Stockport.

Working in partnership with Life Leisure, Totally Local Company will invite pupils from schools they work with to create a short video promoting healthy living and wellbeing.

To encourage collaborative learning and thinking, Totally Local Company are asking children to work in their classes and share their thoughts and ideas on this subject and create a video with a winning message. The video can take any form they wish, such as a song/pop video, dance, poem, play or chat show as long as it addresses and promotes healthy living and wellbeing.

Shropshire-based Hillcrest Shifnal School extends specialist provision to Key Stage 1 pupils in response to demand for early intervention

Hillcrest student

Hillcrest Shifnal School, an independent specialist setting in Shropshire for children with social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs, is thrilled to have been granted permission from the Department for Education to extend its provision to support Key Stage 1 (KS1) students from the age of five - previously it catered for students aged 7-19. The new extension reflects a growing demand for early intervention, which has been shown to help students with SEMH needs to realise their potential and significantly increase their chances of re-accessing mainstream education.