Recognising the uniqueness of those with autism

Anna Kennedy OBE, mother to two sons on the autism spectrum and has worked tirelessly to find ways of recognising ability not their disability of these individuals. Autism’s Got Talent event is one of the ways of recognising that ability and will showcase a whole host of talent on October 15th. Kacey Ainsworth Actress from Grantchester and Eastenders is a good friend to the charity and their Patron. Kacey has family members that are diagnosed on the autism spectrum.

Describing the event Anna Kennedy shared:

“This is a great opportunity for those with autism to get up on stage and really show whAutism Got Talentat they can do. So often society views these people as difficult and uncommunicative, but this event will really dispel that myth with some fantastic talent on display.”

This whole concept is based solely on inclusion and there needs to be more, which is why we have started roadshows across the UK and our next Roadshow will be in collaboration with Daisy Chain Charity at The Gobe Theatre Stockton November 19th.

Unlike other talent shows the evening will have many surprises and delights as children and adults showcase and perform before a live audience.

Autism’s Got Talent, which is an annual event at The Mermaid Theatre Blackfriars, is growing in popularity and now in its eleventh year and has firmly cemented its status as a leading charity and autism performing arts event.

Kacey Ainsworth, Actress and Anna Kennedy OBEOur performers this year are :

  • Jack Roberts & Elphaba Orion Doherty
  • Pineapple Performing Arts
  • Sonny Carter
  • Daniel Devlin
  • Elish Eden Smith
  • Brogan West
  • Toby Richardson
  • Mason Danciger
  • Taliyah Wahon
  • Logan Richards
  • Emily Brooke
  • Jordan Chennells 
  • Charlie Conway
  • Zoey Stoltz
  • Sarah Knowles
  • Charlotte Lewis
  • Connor Yates
  • Nevaeh Dunmore
  • Atypical with Attitude
  • Stencil Pencils

To purchase tickets and see the work of the charity please see