Spellzone: The English Spelling Resource Created by a Dyslexia Specialist

What is Spellzone?

Created by a teacher and dyslexia specialist, Spellzone is an online spelling resource that unlocks the mystery of English spelling and adapts to students of all abilities. 

Students can work on tailored learning pathways at their own pace and on any device.

Time-saving reporting tools which allow teachers to monitor progress and evaluate student activity with just the click of a button.

“Spellzone is particularly useful for employers and teaching/lectures in FE/HE. 
We are lacking resources to support adults with a SpLD so was pleased to find such a useful approach.”

Rachel Ingham, Dyslexia (SpLD) Consultant, Understanding and Supporting Learning

Spellzone is multi-sensory and easy to followA child and teacher using Spellzone - a resource for unlocking English Spelling by a dyslexia specialist

  • Spellzone identifies any gaps in knowledge and then builds a personalised multi-sensory learning pathway for each student. 
  • Students are guided on what to work on next. When they finish a unit on their learning pathway, they are automatically directed to the next one.

  • Students are retested periodically and their pathways are updated to reflect new learning. 

“Spellzone really can be tailored to suit individual needs. The resource allows every student to work at a level that has been set according to their individual strengths and needs. This means children whose spelling ability is strong don’t have to slow down and those with weaker spelling don’t struggle to keep up. They are all learning at the same time, at their own unique pace. Everyone is equal."

Pauline Guinan, Y5 and Y6 Teacher and SENCo, Sheering Church of England Primary School

Spellzone is adaptable

  • Teachers can adapt students’ learning pathways or supplement them with additional spelling tasks at any point.

  • Teachers and students can use over 1.9 million pre-loaded word lists in a variety of multi-sensory spelling activities, word games, and printable worksheets. 

  • All word lists can be adapted to suit specific needs and translated into 92 languages.

“We find Spellzone to be an extremely useful resource. Its multi-sensory nature, together with the regular reinforcement of spelling patterns, make it ideal to use both with dyslexic students and those students who need extra support with spelling. 

We particularly appreciate the facility to personalize the programme by creating the students' own word lists. The regular Spelling Ability Tests give feedback to both tutor and student. Spellzone is now an important part of the resources we use to support our students.”

Liverpool Tutoring and Dyslexia Centre

All users can adapt the Spellzone interface to suit their specific needs. Accessibility options include font size, style, and colour; background colour; spacing between words and lines; and read-aloud features.

“Spellzone is an effective piece of software which is good to use with LLDD students requiring overlay colours and a variety of font sizes. Spellzone responds well in creating individual pathways for students.” 

Heart of Worcestershire College

Spellzone saves precious teaching hours for what’s important

Dynamic learning pathways keep students on track with minimal teacher intervention.

“The Course Pathway personalises learning for the children, saving the teacher hours of work in preparing individual resources.” 
Anna Hughes, Head of English,
St Hugh's School

  • Spellzone automatically marks all tasks and provides teachers with a variety easy-to-analyse reports which can be mapped against National Curriculum requirements. 

"The ability to find specific content for individual students and tailor learning support accordingly is superb. We’re very keen to make sure that work is specifically targeted to relevant age groups, and Spellzone makes this very easy to do. Being able to set tasks is another great tool, as it allows staff to set and mark homework quickly and easily.”

King’s Leadership Academy

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