How WiFi is Transforming the Student Experience

Little boy using WiFi on a computer at school

The generation that has never lived life without the internet and easy access to a computer, Gen Z-ers grew up during the ultimate period of digital transformation. They’re now students and pupils and whether it’s school, college or university, WiFi has changed the game of education for them like no other generation has experienced.

From home-learning being more accessible than ever before to research being easy to do without even leaving their bed, education has been accelerated into overdrive with the handiness that is WiFi. 

It doesn’t just relate to learning either, but their mental health, their unique needs and ultimately their happiness. After all, they often spend the majority of their waking hours in the learning environment. 

One in ten children leave primary school unable to brush their teeth

Primary school girl brushing her teeth

Surprising numbers of children in the UK are leaving primary school without basic life skills such as being able to brush their own teeth, dress themselves without assistance and tell the time. 

According to a new study, one in ten (10%) children are leaving primary school unable to brush their own teeth, dress themselves or tell the time.

The research by watch and sunglasses specialist, Tic Watches, also revealed that almost one in six (16%) primary school leavers are unable to swim, despite the national curriculum stating that all children should be able to swim 25 metres by this time, and 13% are unable to ride a bike.

The most common basic skills that UK children leave primary school without are: 

How coloured radiator covers can be used in autism education environments

Coloured radiator covers in clinical setting

Colour psychology studies how hues can impact the human behaviour. This is vital in an autism specialist unit or school. This is due to senses normally being heightened and behaviours closely monitored by onlooking staff.
As well as supplying low surface temperature radiators, Contour also supply anti-ligature radiator covers which have numerous additional safety benefits. This can make an excellent choice for an autism unit. 

Transform floors, walls and lives – Rhino UK Talk Inclusive Play

Rhino UK sensory board

Sensory Activities are becoming a hot trend, and we couldn’t be more excited that people are coming around to an inclusive style of play. 
Why? Well, because Sensory Activities are brilliant at engaging children’s minds, muscles and social sides, opening them up to new experiences; all whilst aiding their emotional, mental and physical development. You’ll find an abundance of listicles online providing fun filled sensory activity inspiration that you could try for yourself.  Although, are they fun for everybody?
Sandpits can be a bit messy. You might not have a nice garden or large playground for children to run around and explore. And finding space for a sensory room might sound like an impossible quest. 

Liverpool headteacher up for National Autistic Society Award

Liverpool headteacher - Ania Hildrey - up for National Autistic Society Award

Mrs Ania Hildrey, headteacher of Abbot’s Lea School in Woolton, has been shortlisted for the National Autistic Society's prestigious Autism Professionals Awards, in the Achievement by an Individual Education Professional category.
The annual awards recognise people, services and schools across the UK who are making a difference to autistic people and their families. The winners will be announced at a special ceremony on 27 February 2020 at Birmingham Town Hall, following the first day of the National Autistic Society’s Professionals Conference.

New approaches for education in the digital age 

Young girl on laptop with ASL teacher talking about the digital age

These are interesting times in the world of education. Schools, colleges and universities are preparing today’s tech savvy generation for an unpredictable future, while addressing some of the most pressing challenges ever to shape the education landscape. 
In recent years, teachers and educations boards in the maintained sector have seen their budgets squeezed, with a sharper focus on tightening belts to save time, money and resources. 
ASL Group believe in creating innovative solutions to support teaching and learning, while keeping costs to a minimum.

Building The Classroom of the Future

Robot hands - classroom of the future

Building The Classroom of the Future: Why Tech Will Be An Asset and a game changer for Education
Dr Andrew Hobbs, Chief Operations Officer of the UK’s biggest children’s home-learning support provider, Exemplar Education, explores how AI will reshape the learning environment of the future. 
Few issues have captured the public’s consciousness as much as AI and the rise of the robots and what it could mean for the job market of the future. The speed at which technology is evolving is faster than anyone could have imagined and with that comes an overarching sense of fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of our hard-earned skill sets growing redundant, fear of everyday tasks being replaced by AI all together.

Newham school begins renovation work to encourage inclusion

Newham school students beginning renovation work to encourage inclusion

Building works at North Beckton Primary School in Newham are set to complete in April 2020 and will see investment into the provision for profound and multiple learning disabilities
North Beckton Primary School has begun renovation works, which are set to redevelop the heart of the school and demonstrate a widespread commitment to increasing inclusivity.
Ongoing building works will see investment into the provision for PMLD (profound and multiple learning disabilities). The school is working closely with the local borough to provide an inclusive curriculum and facilities.

How smartphones can be used for educational development 

Mentimeter CEO Johnny Warström on how smartphones can be used in education effectively

Smartphones have long-been touted as the enemy of education - is it time this perception was changed? Johnny Warström, CEO and co-founder of interactive presentation platform Mentimeter, argues the case. 

Chewing gum, trading cards, and football stickers: generations of schoolchildren have always had something confiscated by teachers trying to keep their attention on the lesson at hand. Then along came Steve Jobs and now we carry the infinity of human research and understanding in our pockets, all available at the touch of a button - and these are confiscated too.