Trust’s Pupil Parliament nominates three charities to benefit from fundraising efforts

Focus Trusts' pupils with fundraising bands
Focus-Trust’s fifteen primary academies vote for Shelter, Diabetes UK and Nepal Village Foundation

Thirty pupils from Focus-Trust – a charitable multi-academy trust established in 2012 and comprised of primary academies across Cheshire, Greater Manchester and West Yorkshire – have recently come together to select the charities that the academies will support with their joint fundraising efforts across the year.

Two Year 5 pupils from each academy were elected to form a Pupil Parliament which meets termly. They met earlier this month to hear pitches from three national charities, Diabetes UK, Shelter and Nepal Village Foundation with a view to choosing one of them to support.

Playing it safe: why schools should adopt an innovate mindset to realise the power of play

Children in the park using the power of play

Only by switching to an “innovative mindset” will schools realise the true power of play, is the advice being given by Playinnovation founder and industry expert, Marco Boi. 

Although schools are becoming more open to investing in less traditional and more forward-thinking sport and play areas, Marco says there’s still work to be done to change an outdated perception of play in the education sector, and for teachers and governing bodies to realise the full range of health and social benefits that can be achieved by going beyond the status quo.

Leeds City Council provides better travel experience for SEN children

Leeds City Council provides better travel experience for SEN children

Leeds City Council provides better travel experience for SEN children (and takes the sting out of rising entitlement and falling budgets) by using QRoutes

A recent review by Leeds City Council found that by using QRoutes to plan SEN home-to-school transport, the number of children who were in-vehicle for more than 75 minutes fell from 19% (July 2017) to 16% (September 2018). QRoutes also helped the team reduce the daily number of vehicles being used to deliver services from an average of 200 per day to 175 per day, helping the authority keep costs down.

A Generation Of Change Makers

Little girls drawing for change

New research out today reveals that ‘being kind to others’, ‘people not having enough to eat’ and ‘protecting animals and their habitats’, are among the top 10 issues that UK children are most concerned about in 2019.

The poll of over 1,000 4 – 14 year-old girls and boys was commissioned by Disney UK, as part of its Dream Big, Princess campaign, which asked children to identify the issues that they most want to change or improve in the world, ranging from cleaning the ocean, to world hunger.

How to deliver an exceptional PE curriculum for all abilities

PE curriculum - a screenshot from the Youtube video of children in a PE lesson

Ronnie Heath is Managing Director of Create Development. Here, he discusses the benefits of delivering an excellent PE curriculum for children of all abilities…

Why do we want children to do PE? To encourage and enable lifelong participation; to help young people maximise their potential; to develop a range of life and learning skills that can also support whole school aims.

So what are the skills and abilities children need to achieve these outcomes? Physical skills of course, but also their confidence to move and be active, how they cope when things get difficult, how they engage with, support and learn from others, whether they can solve problems, come up with their own ideas, evaluate their own and others’ performance to name a few.

Case study: how St Giles School won SEN School of the Year at Shine a Light Awards

Shine a Light St Giles staff receive award from judge Malcolm Reeves and Sally Phillips

St Giles School in Derby is dedicated to supporting children with complex speech, language and communication needs (SLCN). The school has won the SEN School of the Year Award for its work supporting pupils' communication and independence skills at the 2019 Shine a Light Awards, organised by Pearson in partnership with The Communication Trust. The awards were hosted by Sally Phillips, with a performance from Lee Ridley, aka Lost Voice Guy.

St Giles School’s motto is to ‘inspire and achieve through creativity’ with their mission being to ‘provide pupils with effective strategies to communicate, promote independence and prepare pupils for life in the local and wider community’. Staff at St Giles definitely do that!

Parents' Guide to Autism released

Parents' Guide to Autism – mother and boy

As World Autism Awareness Week takes place, Smart Cells have issued a Parents’ Guide to Autism. The guide contains stats and facts on autism as well as information on where parents can find treatment for their children and support for themselves. This is a great resource to spread awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder, more commonly known as “autism”, which is a group of developmental brain disorders that affects around 700,000 people in the UK.

Smart Cells, a private cord blood company, released their 20th sample of stem cells collected from cord blood and tissue to a patient to treat autism last year.

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